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Residential Cleaning

We have designed a thorough task list for our general Residential cleaning services, based on personalized experience, which will cover every inch and corner in your home. Our task list and quotations have been based on providing a high level of personalized service, which we are confident, will provide you with total satisfaction and value for money. Our residential cleaning services can include:

  1. Living Areas

  2. Bedrooms

  3. Kitchens

  4. Bathrooms

  5. Vaccum Surface Areas

  6. Mop Floor Surfaces

  7. Dust Shelves

  8. Carpet Cleaning

  9. Window Cleaning

Office Cleaning

We are a leading contract cleaning company delivering outstanding office cleaning services and commercial cleaning services at very competitive prices.
We provide daily office cleaning services, contract cleaning and commercial cleaning services to all types of companies in Boynton Beach and all over Palm Beach County.
Our office cleaners and contract cleaners are highly professional, motivated, experienced and reliable.
We are committed to managing our impact on the environment by using environmentally friendly office cleaning and commercial cleaning products and methods and at no extra cost.
Our clients trust us to take care of all their office cleaning and contract cleaning requirements to the highest standards day in day out which is why we have a fantastic client retention rate. our areas covered include:

  1. Entrance, Reception and Communal Areas

  2. Landings and Corridors

  3. Lifts

  4. Wash Room Areas

  5. Window Cleaning

  6. Telephone Sanitization

  7. Buffing and Polishing (Hard Floors)

  8. Car Park Litter Picking

  9. Stairways

  10. All Office Areas

  11. Office Kitchen Areas

  12. Office Desks (Weekly)

  13. Sanitary Services

  14. Carpet Cleaning

  15. Computers - Monitors and Keyboards

  16. Chewing Gum Removal

Bars & Restaurant Cleaning

South Florida Cleaning Concepts understand the frustrations of running a seven-day operation. We specialize in making sure your establishment runs smoothly and on time.Our commercial cleaning service is available 365 days a year, twenty-four hours a day, including Bank holidays.
We offer our services to both small and large bars and restaurants, including some well known national public house chains. Our tailored and specific cleaning services can include:

  1. Front of House Areas

  2. Washrooms

  3. Entrances

  4. Pub Gardens

  5. Car Park Litter Picking

  6. Chewing Gum Removal

  7. Graffiti Removal

  8. Carpet Cleaning

  9. Window Cleaning

  10. Buffing and Polishing Hard Floors

Medical Office

South Florida Cleaning Concepts are one of the few cleaning companies in the South West to offer 'Medical Centre Cleaning'.
We get your environment working and functional so you can get your prepared to receive your clients and patients each morning. Services include:

  1. Reception Area

  2. Consulting Rooms

  3. Preparation Rooms

  4. Treatment Areas

Move / Post Construction Cleaning

South Florida Cleaning Concepts are one of the few cleaning companies in the South West to offer 'One-Off Cleans'. A one-off clean is a service offered in any environment.
We get your environment working and functional so you can get your operation or premises up and running as soon as possible.
Situations where a one-off clean might be useful are:

  1. Spring Clean - annual house clean to sweep away all those cobwebs

  2. Insurance - whether you've suffered a fire of flood, it needs resolving as soon as possible.

  3. One-off Office Cleaning - When moving to or from an office we can ensure your new office is clean and ready for your arrival, then clean up after your departure from the old office, ready to hand the keys back to the landlord.

  4. Builders clean - individual house refurbishment

  5. Builders clean - Rough cleaning and final clean.

  6. End of Tenancy - when letting, it is important that prospective new tenants view a clean property.


South Florida Cleaning Concepts provides cleaner solutions and the quality your school will need.
We make sure the care and specialized cleaning is provided to ensure disinfection of germs on areas frequented by students.
The areas we provide specialized cleaning are:

  1. Desktops

  2. Tables

  3. Disinfect High Touch Areas

  4. Door Handles

  5. Wash Room Areas

  6. Cafeterias

  7. General Dusting

  8. Floor Cleaning

  9. Detailed Cleaning to Sticky Tables

  10. Specialized Attention to Dirty Floors

  11. Special Care to Smelly Areas

Home watching

For your home watching inspection we have services that will cater to your needs so you can leave your home worry-free. Each time we visit your property we contact you directly and report our findings so you know exactly what is going on in your home. Should we find anything that requires immediate attention we will be sure to give you a phone call and make you aware of the situation.

  1. Complete walk though of the rooms and reporting any issues with the walls, ceilings, floors, and windows

  2. Check the fridge

  3. Run all the faucets. Ensure water flow and quality

  4. Flush all the toilets

  5. Inspect exterior, and landscaping

  6. Water any interior plants

  7. Check the thermostats

  8. Check mailbox and forward any mail if requested

  9. Start cars to charge batteries, if requested

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